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O God Revive Us Again!

Fri, Feb/01/2013

Oh God Revive Us Again!

We have chosen to look into a revival which occurred in Korea in the early 1940s. We will give in detail the outline of Scripture God used in bringing many Christian leaders and thousands of members of Korean churches into a state of revival. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will once again move in revival power in our midst.

The unassuming woman God used in this case was Miss Aletta Jacobsz who went to be with the Lord during World War II. The outstanding feature people remember about her was her “rapturous love for the Lord.” Her methods were very simple: she just brings the Bible to bear upon your life, asking you to be honest and heed what God says.

Miss Jacobsz was not satisfied with the general confession, “I am a sinner.” She would hand you a pencil and paper and ask you to write down specific sins.  Her dealings with a prominent Presbyterian missionary leader were typical. On being urged by his wife to have a talk with Miss Jacobsz he said, “I don’t need to talk to any woman about my sins.”

Later, when he did consent, her gentle probing went like this:

Miss J:   Have you considered Matt. 6:33, “Seek ye first the kingdom  of God?”

Mr. X:     Yes, I preach on it frequently.

Miss J:   Are you willing to face this truth squarely and see if  you are actually seeking God’s will first in all things?

Mr. X:    (after reflecting) Well, I suppose I am not seeking God  first in everything. Yes, I will have to admit I am not  always putting Christ first in my life.

Miss J:   Now, Mr. X, since you say you have preached this truth frequently, and you now recognize you are not fulfilling it in your life, what would you consider anyone,  who, while        urging others to do something, is not doing it himself?

Mr. X:    A hypocrite.

Miss J:  Then how do you characterize yourself?

Mr. X:    A hypocrite.

Miss J:   Will you please write it down?

“I am a hypocrite”, he wrote. Soon he had a list of black sins which broke his heart. But how grateful he was, after repenting, to have deep peace and a sense of forgiveness. He was able to help others move on from being a nominal Christian to becoming a normal Christian, from being a cold Christian to being a committed Christian. If you are eager for revival, desire to be an effective Christian, and want to walk in the light with Jesus, consider doing the following:

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