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Receiving Church - What's Coming Your Way

Fri, Feb/01/2013

Coming Your Way

Your Church can grow most naturally as your people are led into productive personal evangelism and disciple making.  A Pastor’s key role in the congregation is to bring his people into green pastures and to offer them renewal around the deep still waters of God’s truth.  The role of the sheep is to produce more sheep.  CPE’s desire is to help your people realize fruitfulness in ministry and character as the Holy Spirit leads them into the work of being clear witnesses in their communities. 

Below is a link to a manual you can use to develop a CPE ministry expression in your church in which a partner church may work with you to accomplish the above goal.  Also below are links to tools for personal evangelism and discipleship in various languages. 

The Home Page under Your Personal Journey you will find video training clips for personal dialogue evangelism as well as devotional resources for preparing yourself and your people in answering the call to know Christ and to make Him known.

Receiving Church Manual

Languages (resources link)

Prayer Covenant

A General Description of the Week

The Basic Tract

The Discipleship Material


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