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Thu, Jan/31/2013

Dialogue Evangelism requires asking meaningful questions and listening for the evidence of the Spirit's convicting work. The short videos below teach how this is done.  

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Your first questions should probe a person's awareness of God.

Questions Number 1 -- Do you believe in God?  What do you think God is like?  How would you describe Him?

But what if the person says they don't believe in God?  What kind of question can you ask of them?

Questions Number 1.1 -- Do you believe in God?  At what point did you give up on God and why? Was there a time in your life when you thought there was a God?


Your second questions should probe a person's awareness of how God is acting in his or her life.

Questions Number 2 -- Do you believe that God loves you?  What makes you think God loves you?  Do you remember a time when you thought, "God loves me" and what was happening to you then?


Your questions must turn to the person of Jesus Christ. 

Questions Number 3 -- Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?  What is your understanding of who Jesus is?  How did you draw that conclusion?


 Now it is time to talk about SIN! Go slow this is most important. Ask them something that almost everyone will answer yes to - ask them if they consider themselves sinners.

Questions Number 4 -- Do you believe that you are a sinner? What makes you think that you are a sinner?

This next question probes a person's knowledge of the central message of the gospel -- Christ died for the sin people have committed.

Questions Number 5 -- Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins? What do you think that it means that Christ died for your sins?


Here is an additional illustration demonstrating what it means when the the Bible means when it tells us that Christ died for our sins.  The illustration was first proposed by D.James Kennedy in his Evangelism Explosion training.


 In light of the cross let a person now consider their own remedies for sin... let them left the light of self effort and religion up against the light of the cross.

Questions Number 6 -- Do you know what to do with your sins? What is your strategy for dealing with your sins?  How is that working for you?


At this point the question is an offer.  Present Romans 6:23 and ask them, "If it were possible to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ in place of the death your sins have earned you, would you want that?"


The end of a dialogue in the gospel will come to some last questions.  They can't be avoided.  Revelation 3:20 describes a door Jesus is knocking at.  The questions are "What door do you think Jesus is knocking at?" The next question is, "Today are you prepared to open that door and let Him come in?"


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