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Mon, Jan/28/2013

Our ministry is blessed with an expanding team of COACHES (missionaries, pastors and lay people) who have learned to do the work of evangelists.  We are ready to mentor you in learning the work as well. 

Our approach to ministry has been taught and implemented as a practicum in Graduate Studies programs, pastoral training colleges, Christian Universities and leadership training conferences.  We have worked with local churches and pastors in countries on every continent but Antarctica and in the context of all the world’s major religions. 

Pastors - We are prepared to come along side the local church and assist you in raising up evangelists and disciple makers in its midst.

People – We are ready to walk by your side and get you to the place where disciplemaking is your way of life.

We offer:

Ministry events for churches in which we will coach you through the organization and application of cross cultural outreach ministries abroad or community focused personal evangelistic ministries at home.

Course material for your classes and small groups in dialogue evangelism and discipleship guides for those you lead to Christ.

We coach pastors and emerging leaders in the high challenge and high commitment of reproducing missional ministries.

We coach leaders in taking their people into the meat of God’s Word and into the depths of His life.

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