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The Impact of Action

Wed, Dec/05/2012

Bogata Colombia: Pastor Martinez reports that during a one week ministry event 106 decisions to receive Christ were recorded. After 6 months 58 were engaged in regular discipleship, 38 were attending cell groups. One group had 19 new converts in it. 24 were attending the services of the church, 14 had been baptized. Pastor Martinez rejoiced that his people had been brought to a new level in ministry having laid the foundation for future growth in personal evangelism, discipleship, and the planting of new churches.

Engagement Strategies. "Information without application equals inoculation." Any effort at training Christians in evangelism is of little or no value in accomplishing its purpose unless you immediately put that training to use. Church Partnership Evangelism trains lay people in a personal evangelism strategy that actually engages them in the activity.

Every day of a CPE event begins with training in personal evangelism and in the proper use of guide in personal dialogue evangelism. The rest of the day is dedicated to sending participants out two by two to pre-arranged appointments for the purpose of doing evangelism. As a result, when our CPE event comes to an end, we will have engaged significant numbers of lay people to do Personal Evangelism.

There must be an equal commitment to disciple those who have made professions of faith. In the excitement of successfully sharing one's faith, it is easy to pay little more than lip service to discipleship.

A ministry may attempt to avoid slacking off in discipleship by providing follow-up material for the discipleship of new Christians. (CPE provides its own follow-up material.) But even here, this effort often falls short of the actual need to engage lay people in discipleship. So we at CPE also do Discipleship. Every morning of a CPE event, we also take time to train in personal and small group discipleship.

We engage in a second visit of any individual making a decision for Christ during a ministry event. We make it a priority over everything else. The commitment to pursue discipleship will lead to the formation of a small group or cell of brand-new Christians. These new discipling groups are the building materials for new churches and new outposts from which the Gospel of Jesus Christ can spread.

Where all this leads to is real evangelism and real discipleship springing from regular Christians, resulting in new churches and in real gains for the Kingdom.

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